Friday, October 2, 2009


Today I had spaghetti for breakfast Sierra Leone style - with boiled eggs, mayo and ketchup. It's actually pretty good, but I think my Italian family would be appalled :-) I also had an orange and a banana. Yummy!

There is a spider that lives in my bathroom. If I saw this spider in Canada I would likely have considered it a large spider, but since I've come to Sierra Leone my standards on spider size have changed. I have decided to let it live there as long as it doesn't bother me. Also, I'm a bit afraid of trying to kill it, since I think it can jump :-|

On the topic of animals/insects in my room, I saw a little lizard on the wall yesterday. Unfortunately it scampered away before I could take a picture.

I think I'm going to head to Makeni tomorrow to meet up with another SFD (Students for Development) intern, David and do some errands. I'll probably stay the night, so might be no posts for a couple of days. Wishing everyone a good weekend though!

For some reason, searches done through my Google search bar in Firefox keep converting to Google Italy and I get all my results and text in Italian. It's incredibly annoying since I don't speak Italian. If anyone has any ideas for solving this, please share them!

Monday is World Teachers Day. There is going to be a big celebration here in Mapaki, so I'm really looking forward to that. Expect a full report.


Scott said...


Following your blog from Uxbridge ON Canada.(via terry-kelly website) I would love to see more pictures of accommodations, village, method of travel besides foot:) (if any) as well as farming techniques, (wow lots to learn here)
It is 8C here in Ontario (thought you would like to know) and damp.

Great Work!!!

Scott Mackay
Uxbridge (north east of Toronto)

Clare said...

Thanks Scott. So glad you are enjoying the blog!

I will work on some more photos for you - there is so much to capture!


A-Lok said...

Hey Clare, I'm a current Carleton student who also happens to have spent some time in SL years ago working for an NGO. I just wanted to point out that the internet in SL is routed through servers in Italy, so you'll very frequently get instead of .ca or .com or any other English alternative. Eh bo. ;)

Anyway, it was great to come across your blog - good work!

Clare said...

Thanks A-lok. I found that out about the servers in Italy last week. I'm just glad it's not a virus or something on my computer.

Great to hear of another Carleton student in Salone!